Research interests

The most sensible way to organise my interests into topics is a spectrum, ranging from Physics over Mathematics to Computer Science and Music.

  • Quantum Gravity
  • (Topological) State Sum Models (SSMs)
    • My PhD thesis for SSMs in two and four dimensions
  • Extended Topological Quantum Field Theories (ETQFTs)
    • Defects as morphisms between ETQFTs
    • Simplicial sets
  • Higher category theory
  • Homotopy type theory
    • Verified TQFT
  • Topological quantum computing
    • Quantum programming languages
  • Verified Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)
  • Electronic and algorithmic music

In the middle of the spectrum, and most prominent, is my main area of research: ETQFTs. There are many good reasons from physics (locality and background independence) and maths (cobordism hypothesis, differential topology) to study them. But actually my main reason is the the pure beauty of the theory and the mathematics involved.